Wednesday, February 9, 2011

something old, something new

so, i've been reading blogs for quite some time and created this one a while ago.

i'm making some serious changes in my life, so i have decided to try something new. (i'm the old part, in case you were keeping score.) i am a 39 year old woman living just outside of Boston, who is really trying to make some positive changes in her life as a result of some seriously scary health stuff (colonoscopy, several precancerous thingies removed, being told losing weight will make me a lower risk in spite of some rotten genetics).

i am going to start a journal/photojournal of my progress this year to see how much i change while trying to live a healthy lifestyle and still look good in the process. i hope i can keep up with it - the bloggers that i religiously follow are seriously awesome (Fab Finds Under $50, Bombshell Beauty, TMinus TPlus, Losing the Shadow, to name just a few).

Today, my outfit consists of gray herringbone ponte knit pants and long-sleeved black tee from Lane Bryant, purple sweater from Old Navy, and shoes by Liz Claiborne (courtesy of Auntie).
i started back at Weight Watchers on Monday, January 24th and to date have lost 2.4 pounds. considering i wasn't 100% on board the first couple of weeks, it's not a horrible start. i had a lot going on, and was not mentally ready to get serious about it. i'm still waiting to get the results of my most recent biopsies, and that is freaking me out a bit at the moment but i will get through it.
what doesn't kill me WILL make me stronger.

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