Thursday, February 24, 2011

good hair thursday

i REALLY love my new haircut. i have no idea what possessed me to want to get a bob after years of failures with that style, but man oh man what a difference a good (great) stylist makes! and the color! i haven't been able to take a picture yet that truly captures the brilliant colors, but it reminds me of a cherry cordial. i puffy heart my stylist, Stef, at Salon A'Brie in Danvers, MA. she is the bomb-diggity.
this is my third day of being completely straight and focused on Weight Watchers. the husband and i went to the gym last night... at get this - 9PM. yep. 9 P. M. what the hell was i thinking? anyway, i did 70 minutes on the dreadmill, and i took it slowly, but did crank it up a few when a good song came on the iPod. and my ankle is very angry today. not sure what's going on with it, other than avoiding arthroscopic surgery for the past ten years to reattach a few things might finally be catching up with me. i'll be careful. maybe. i gotta train for the Jimmy Fund half-marathon walk for September! (half marathon is my minimum commitment. depending on training and my schedule, i may go for the full)
i feel pretty good today - i am really optimistic that next Monday will be a positive (or is NEGATIVE deemed a good thing) at WW. as long as i stay focused, committed, and keep my eye on the prize...
cautiously optimistic... that's better.

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