Monday, February 21, 2011

huh... technical glitch or something else?

i posted twice after Tuesday last week. I SWEAR. i actually asked if anyone reads this blog, because i feel like i'm talking to myself. really. i guess it's okay to do that, but if i start responding to my own blog then i think i am going to have to seek psychological help, and not the kind that costs $0.05 at a booth manned by some kid named Lucy.

i had an okay week, i guess. today i'm feeling kind of down, but it's not because of anything that happened, it's how i interpret some things. when a friend says "yeah, let's do this together," and then goes and does her own thing... it's not me, it's her. i feel disappointed. but whatever, she's not really a close friend so it shouldn't be a big deal but it's still bothering me. to the point where i want to shelve my plans for June altogether.

what's the haps in June? a cruise on Royal Caribbean with a bunch of girls from WW are getting together. the problem is, a bunch of them are royally annoying, and i don't think i can bear to spend an entire week with them. i have little or no patience for people who can't think for themselves, and it's already started with the "i only have four months before the cruise, what do i WEAR???!? it's an EMERGENCY!!" really? this is your drama? i can't wait to see what they are like in a real personal crisis. grumble, grumble. the one ray of light is that my friend from Minnesota is going, and is my roommate. i hope that she and i find some cool people to hang with and avoid the morons as much as we can. i'm almost 40 years old, i've gotten to the point where i have little or no patience for people who can't think for themselves. grrrrr...

today is a holiday, so i've been home all day. the hubs took my car today, so i'm on my own. i watched about 11 episodes of "Psych" and i'm still bored out of my mind. i can't go to the WW meeting tonight, partly because i'm buried in boxes of clothes that i'm sorting through to give to a WW friend who's shrunk down to as 12-14, and i have a surplus of clothes that currently don't fit. (and i'm in shock at how many clothes i actually have that still have tags on them!) enjoy them, amanda. you have three shopping bags full of stuff on their way to Chicago!!

i'm going to WW on Wednesday night instead - the meeting leader for tonight leads the meeting then, and i have grown to loathe most of the meeting leaders except for this one. she's pretty awesome, talks to us instead of down to us, and doesn't do silly antics to hold the audience's attention.

that's it. no outfit for today. peace out, bitch (talking to myself, again).


  1. I swear that is one of the main reasons I'm NOT going (that and I have NO money) is cause some of those board ladies annoy me! lol BUT you will have such fun...but WHAT WILL YOU WEAR!;) Love the blog...found it thru Jen. I will be your follower!

  2. ha... Lootz. i so wish i was going to Jersey instead!