Wednesday, February 23, 2011

whack job Wednesday

this week was a holiday week, so i was thrown off schedule as far as my WW meeting was concerned. and, apparently, my eating. i ate four slices of pizza (leftovers from work... le sigh) over the weekend, and then proceeded to have Twizzlers for lunch on Monday. i "let" my husband take the car on Monday so i didn't have to get my lazyass out of bed at 6AM and drive him to work and then pick him up at 9PM - oh, the humanity!

yesterday, i decided that since i had diet coke for lunch (and nothing else, she admits sheepishly) that i would go to my meeting. i went home and changed clothes, and stepped on the scale. YELP! it showed 2 pounds up. but, i had told my meeting leader (who ROCKS, by the way) that i would go. i think i'm becoming one of her groupies because i followed her to another WW center last night. in the twentysomethingyears that i have been going to WW (not consecutively, thank you... i'm not THAT old), she is by far the most interesting and honest leaders i have known. and, we are becoming friends which is cool too. i guess i'm funny?

anyway... not to ramble, but to ramble... i LOST. 0.4 - and i was SHOCKED. i didn't deserve to lose, because i was really, really, really bad. but the topic was about measuring your portions and i was lit on fire. i actually measured out my egg beaters last night for my omelet (after talking myself out of going to Wendy's and getting a crispy chicken sandwich with fries - what? i had 29 points left for the day...). i feel like this week i am stronger, and more focused. i am not obsessing, i am not angry that i "can't have" something, but i am annoyed with stupidity.

story #1: my friend went to "our" meeting on Monday night, and one of the members had a "bad" week and actually had the audacity to stand up and ask the following question:
"i didn't lose this week. i ate a lot more vegetables than i usually do - do you think it's because of all the broccoli and carrots that i had that i didn't lose?" really? really?!?!? the way i remember, i didn't grow this gigantic ass by eating broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, or anything that grows on a tree unless it was covered with cheese, chocolate, or something equally gooey and delicious. i have no idea how the leader kept a straight face, but she said "nobody got here by eating too many carrots." touche.

story #2: this dude, who we call "propeller head," for announcing last week that he drank more than a gallon of Propel a day... and does. not. count. the. points. and eats ice cream every night. asked last night the following:
"if i steam my chicken, does it have the same points value as when i bake or broil it with nothin' on it?" really, dude? seriously? you have a piece of chicken, you don't add anything to it - it has the same values whether you eat it raw, steamed, broiled, boiled, or whatever as long as you don't add something to it. idiots. (PS, and i am gloating when i say this... Propeller head GAINED this week. Are you surprised? 'cause i'm not)

and this, my friends, is why i can never be a meeting leader. i have low tolerance for people who don't exercise common sense. and to me, that's common sense.

now... my question of the week was: "why do all the yogurt companies now offer 6 ounce cups instead of 8 ounces, including the WW brand, when 8 ounces is considered a full serving?" apparently, and this i did not know, that yogurt is no longer considered a dairy serving on the healthy guidelines because it is missing a lot of the nutrients and additives. which confuses me, because pudding, which is made with sugar and chocolately goodness, IS. oh well.

i'm still gonna eat my daily yogurt. it's better than eating a cookie, and has less points.

total weight loss since rejoining on January 24: 1.4 pounds - not great, but i'm making progress in my head, which is the biggest obstacle for me in this weight loss game.

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