Thursday, July 28, 2011

Accountability - Day 1

For accountability, and probably a humbling experience, I am going to be posting my food journals for feedback. CLEARLY I need help - I have succeeded on this program before, but I have been at a completely standstill. I need feedback, I need brutal honesty, and I need help. So... here goes nothing.

1/4 c. raisins - 3
1 c. kashi honey puffs cereal - 3
1 c. fat free milk - 2

5 c. greek salad without dressing - 5
pita bread (white) - 4
1 oz. dark chocolate - 4

trader joe's reduced guilt mac & cheese - 7
1 c. trader joe's blueberry pomegranate sherbet - 6

2 slices whole wheat bread - 2
3 ounces turkey breast - 2
1 WW Lemon snack bar thingy - 2

total: 40
APs: 5 (walked 45 minutes)

Monday, July 25, 2011

what you should never wear in public...

1. sports bra, especially if you are more than 5 pounds overweight.

2. dress that is too tight, that you hear rip when stepping into car, especially if you are not wearing underwear.

yup. these two fashion faux pas were witnessed by me yesterday. i only got pictures of one offender, which will be posted later once i figure out how to put a black bar across the poor soul ala Glamour's Do/Don't column.

am i becoming a snob now that i work in the fashion industry? maybe. but i am also learning a lot about appropriate attire and i feel a lot more confident when i step out of my apartment, even if it's just to run to the market for a carton of milk. i am constantly aware of how i look, and i want people to see that i care. because if i care today, maybe someone who didn't care about themselves today will care tomorrow.

make the world a beautiful place, one fashion victim at a time. that is all.