Thursday, February 10, 2011

thinking Thursday

Last night i had a conversation with my husband. i had to be totally honest about a few things that i had been holding back on.

1. that i didn't answer the phone on Sunday night when he called the first two times because i was angry about his friend's Super Bowl Party (i wasn't invited because apparently, when you're older than everyone else and speak your mind (in a nice way, but still direct) that makes you a bitch) and thought they were calling me to give me a piece of their mind. and i feel incredibly guilty because he was calling me for a ride home after totalling his car. i call that bad Kristin karma to the 1,000th degree. lesson #1: it's really NOT all about me. sorry, honey. i cannot tell you how bad i really feel about that.

2. losing weight. three nurses at the hospital told me last Thursday that losing weight will slow the progression of any colon cancers that i am genetically subsceptible to. THREE nurses. one would be bad enough, but i really felt like i was getting ganged up on by the healthcare profession. i know i'm fat, i know i am unhealthy, i can see and feel both of those things. intervention - duly noted. so, i told the hubs about that, and told him that i am going to really need his support while trying to finally get rid of this weight. and by support, i do not mean looks or comments like, "are you supposed to be eating that?" but by not bringing shit into the house like he has been doing. no more snack foods, no more Kozy Shack puddings (apparently a new trigger for me), none of that. he agreed. wise choice, husband. especially now that i am your sole source of transportation these days.

so, today is Thursday. i had a pretty good Wednesday food-wise, although i probably could have done without that Balance Bar snack in the early evening. i kept within my points plus allowance, but i didn't exercise. i'll get there - i lost a lot of momentum fitness-wise when i had pneumonia so that's going to be a slow progression back into a routine.
So, this picture makes me realize that i totally need a haircut! Stef... i NEED you!!

Today's outfit 100% brought to you by Lane Bryant (including my underthings).

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