Friday, February 18, 2011

radio silence?

i have been a little lax in posting the past few days, lots of things going on at work. presentations, planning a major move, and just dealing with everyone. does anyone read this, anyways?

well, i took another picture of an outfit this week:

another outfit by Lane Bryant - scarf from Target a few years ago and i have NEVER worn it! i was feeling casual for a Thursday, and anticipated having to clean up in preparation for some big cheeses visiting our office. in looking at this picture, i cannot wait until i get it cut tomorrow!!

anyways... one of the blogs that i read, written by a friend i actually met a few years ago, is talking about having a binge eating disorder. i can totally relate, as i have had my own struggles with binges over the years. i was in recovery for about 12 months without a binge, and i let some things get in front of that. it's like an alcoholic taking his or her first drink after abstaining for so long - and i couldn't stop. i am still on this very destructive path, but i do not want to go back to the 12-step program that i was a part of before because it was interfering too much with my real life. i am really curious to read more about my friend's progress with this program/support group that she found.

anyway, i encourage you to read her blog - it is very inspiring to see her overcoming issues that a lot of us deal with, but few have courage to come forth to talk about it. the link to her blog is on the right - "Losing the Shadow."

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  1. Thank you! I get a lot of inspiration from you too. I saw your pics of the haircut on Facebook and I like it!