Tuesday, February 15, 2011

try me, Tuesday

Last night was WI at my WW meeting. not so awesome. i gained 2 pounds. i knew it was going to be a gain, but i was NOT prepared for 2 pounds. i was stunned, i maintained my composure and sat down with my friend who looked at me and knew i was upset. she said "don't let this ruin your mood." i held out my hand and she slapped it. PERFECT!! it was just what i needed. spank me, and get over it. onward and forward.

while i was at the meeting, i asked THE QUESTION. the one that's been burning in me since the new PointsPlus program started back in December (well, for me it was December because it was the last meeting of the new week). how can i eat all those points while eating my (now) free fruits and veggies? simple answer: you don't have to eat all of your points, but do not ever go below the minimum of 29 points. i have been really struggling with that, since a large banana once upon a time was almost 3 points, and now is free. i think i now understand what i've been doing wrong.

once upon a time, i followed the Core program. i did very well by eating nothing but Core foods, but i also tracked my points to make sure i ate enough. and it worked for me. the new program, when i look at it differently, really is the Core program with its Power Foods (formerly known as Simply Filling, formerly known as Core) and you track the values.

♫ let the choir of angels sing ♫ because light has finally dawned on my marble head.

new week. today. and i am going to use my daily points as a MAXIMUM. i will use my extra points for those days when i want to have a glass of wine (or two, or a bottle - i kid, i kid).

that's all i got - just a major epiphany thanks to Tara the Leader, also known as my queen (she doesn't know that part, but oh well). here i go... to infinity and beyond (and hopefully get in the loss column next week)!!!

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