Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a loss is a loss is a loss...

right? yeah, i'm trying to convince myself that it is still good that i have lost a half a pound over the past six weeks, but it's a HALF A POUND IN SIX WEEKS. that's just a little more than one ounce, people. FRUSTRATING.

and i now have bronchitis which means i cannot work out. what the frick. i don't think i am ever going to get my body back to healthy at this rate! my ambitious (but not overly) is to weigh at least 20 pounds less when i go in for my follow-up colonoscopy. i am a little panicky over the anesthesia and my weight so i am really trying to be not-so-morbidly-obese. 250 pounds, man! c'mon!!

today i am just uber-venty... not much to add except that i am still tracking even if i am only eating soup and oatmeal. definitely not getting my healthy guidelines in every day... le sigh.

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