Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what the deuce, wednesday?

seriously... i have to have a freaking root canal on April Fool's day. what the hell? major snow storm, root canal, what else can the universe throw me on April 1st. I'm ready for it! BRING IT. ("oh it's already been broughten..." best line ever) anyway... yesterday was less than stellar in the Weight Watchers universe for me. i had a grilled veggie burrito at QDoba for lunch, which wasn't horrible considering i passed up the cheese and sour cream, however... it did lead to some serious cravings in the evening. i ended up with approximately 44 points for the day (tapping into my weeklies by 6) and i feel fat today. i'm wearing my jeans and i feel it in the waistband. water retention, partly, but i know that i need to stop with the carbs. today, i didn't realize that until i ate an entire pita bread with my salad. i feel tired, sleepy, fatigued, grouchy, and want something sweet to pick me up. i have to stop! the hubs asked me if i wanted to go to the gym last night, and i politely declined. i had to clean the apartment for today was our annual maintenance visit for our apartment, and i like everything to look like we care about our property when management comes a-knockin. and now he wants to go tonight... as previously stated... i'm tired, sleepy, fatigued, grouchy, and now i'm cranky!! i have to stay late at the office tonight because our landlord is having an event downstairs and since i manage the security system, i have to be on-site to ensure nothing gets stolen. le sigh... and no, i am not getting paid for it. i'll just make up for it friday while i'm luxuriating during my extended lunch hour getting a root canal. does this girl know how to woop it up or what? your jealous. admit it. :)


  1. i apologize for the format of this blog post - for some reason it posts better when i use my iPad than on an actual computer. i have put paragraphs in TWICE and it still looks like a whole stream of consciousness post.

    i'm not nuts. well... perhaps i am a tad...

  2. I use Windows Live Writer because I hate the way Blogger posts. I try not use the publisher just to make an edit here and there, which involved reformatting.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! So not jealous :)

  3. Sorry about the root canal. :( I'm avoiding the dentist because I will probably need one too.

    I gotta say, I see a lot of excuses in this post! You can't exercise because you have to clean or stay late, well so what? Remember how we talked about you caring too much what people think? Do you really think the management company cares if you don't vacuum? So why didn't you go in the morning instead? You're too tired? Well, guess what, maybe if you worked out, you'd have more energy!

    You're sluggish because you ate too many carbs? Don't you know this about yourself by now? Throw the pita away, flush it down the toilet, whatever you have to do to get it away from you, BEFORE it tempts you. Pack protein-rich snacks instead. I love cheese sticks in the afternoon.

    Sorry, hon, don't mean to be mean. Tough love, remember? All said with BIG love.

  4. there are a lot of excuses in my very long weird post (i really hate the missing paragraph format, stupid computer!). but that was kind of my point. I do have a lot of excuses for why not... very few reasons why I should other than I know once I get back into the swing of things I will feel significantly better.

    off to post today's blog!! on my iPad, by the way... so it will be readable. Apparently, that is the only way i can post on my blog without looking like a grammatical nightmare. Stupid computer!!!

    PS - All good about the tough talk... the topic this week for our WW meeting was about support systems. I have cheerleaders, I need an Enforcer. Molly, I hereby appoint you my ENFORCER! Fierce!!