Friday, March 11, 2011

makeup review! Tarte Jewels of the Amazon

last night, i hit Sephora to buy a friend a birthday gift (her birthday is the ides of March - yikes!). she's been looking for the perfect mascara and i knew that i could find what she needed at Sephora, plus a few extra goodies.

and of course, i had to find something for me. i lost my beloved eye makeup brushes this week, a very sad day when i realized that i lost not 1, not 2, but 8 brushes at the same time! Sephora no longer offers the brush kit that i was looking for, so i decided to look at other brands to see what they had to offer when i came across the tarte Jewels of the Amazon clay liner trio. Three colors, a matte black, a bronzy brown, and a deep green, each in their own cute little pot. oh, and a dual-ended brush! sweet!! the liners are very soft, and you just apply a little bit to the brush and then follow the lash line. easy peasey.

today, i tried the green with the thicker end of the liner brush for a softer edge. usually, i am all about the harsh lined cat eye, but today was shitty out with rain and fog and i decided not to look my usual bitchtastic self and go for a nice June Cleaver-ish look today. complete with a Lillith Sternin Crane bun (with a blingy barrette to pull back the grown-out bangs).

i am a little bit frustrated with the closed-eye shot, because you can definitely see some issues. not sure if it was the eye primer that i used this morning (Mally), the fact that i am totally hormonal and have the oily skin of a teenage fryolator employee from McDonald's, or if it's the eyeshadow i used (also Mally). usually, i use the Bare Escentuals eye primer, and that makes every different type of eye shadow stay put without the creases.

overall, however, tarte has definitely scored with this product. it was easy to apply, the color makes my eyes look rather pretty, and for $39, i basically paid $13 for each liner plus a free brush! Sephora, you know how much i love you. and this is why. you give me so many options to beautify myself!! ♥

oh, and the whole reason i went to the store was for my friend's gift. i ended up with the Flawless Definition mascara from Bare Escentuals in black, and a cute little "minimergency" kit for life's little emergencies, like bad breath, broken nail, cramps, boo boos, any emergency you can imagine is covered in this kit. LOVE. and it comes in a really cute little gold case.

i'd say, overall, it was a very productive visit to my friends at Sephora. yay!


  1. Sephora...<3....
    I've been using a gel liner I love but I can only get it at a store in Newburyport so I have to order online. I'll have to check this line out!

  2. as you know, Krispy, i am a total eye makeup ho - this is definitely one of the best soft eyeliners that i have ever tried. and even if you hate it, you can always return to Sephora. I LOVE their return policy!!

  3. I also love Sephora but I am totally afraid to stray from brown and purple eye shadows. I need to expand my horizons.