Wednesday, March 9, 2011

outfit inspiration

today's outfit is inspired by Kimberly's Fab Finds Under 50 Outfit Inspiration Calendar - wear a pencil skirt with a colorful cardi.
Cardi - Merona by Target (scored for $14 on clearance in 2009)
Pencil Skirt - NY & Co. (so old, can't remember the price)
Black lace cami - Lane Bryant ($16)
Fun Patterned Tights - Avenue ($10)
Bow-tie ballet flats - Target ($25)

what do you think? pardon the hair - i was lazy this morning and didn't flatiron it. this picture proves i need to spend more time styling it than i do.
everything i am wearing (with the exception of the cami) is OLD. like over a year old - cleaning out my closet forced me to go "shopping" with what i had and i am going to really make an effort to start wearing the things i already own. i gave up shopping for Lent. i know, i'm not catholic any more, but when you grow up for 18 years practicing certain rites like Lent - you fall into the habit and it becomes something other than religious.
so... captain's blog, day 1 of shopping moratorium - so far so good. i feel sane, strong, and ready to start saving some cash!!


  1. Love this outfit! Very flattering! Of course I'll encourage heels at all times but that's me ;)

  2. GIRL you look good. I love the outfit and I love her (Fab finds) blog too.

    And I am Catholic and I do observe maybe I'm bais, but I think anything that helps us step back and relfect and think is a good thing....and that's what Lent does for me!

  3. thanks, ladies!

    i did have a coworker make fun of the outfit yesterday because it is so dramatically different than the usual garanimals-wearing me. and the patterned tights caused quite a controversy as well.

    i dare to be different. mission accomplished!