Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...wasting away in Margaritaville...

i wish i had a spectacular story for the last day of the cruise before we got "home" to Miami, but alas... i do not. Wednesday my roomie and i went to lunch a little later than normal after spending the morning on the pool deck getting stared down by a creep she had to prevent from causing a domestic dispute on the first day (she's a cop... totally awesome!). one of the other cruisers joined us for lunch and said something that i thought was a little harsh - "the next time i go on a cruise like this, i'll go with friends." uhm... OK. ouch, that stung, but thank you for telling me how you really feel. that night, we had a pool party on deck at midnight. the funniest thing was watching this guy bust a move... all by himself on the pool deck. it was pretty clear he learned his moves from Wii DDR or Just Dance 2011. AWEsome.

on Thursday, the instant we realized we were back online with our phones, email, and Facebook, everyone's faces were immediately buried checking in on our real lives. epic MISTAKE for me. i had an email that provided me with some rather unexpected news about work. i thought i was punched in the stomach, all the wind left my body and i was stunned. STUNNED. immediately, i texted two of my friends that work for the same company, and breathed into a metaphorical paper bag. then i looked down to the bar area below...

this guy was wearing a shirt that simply read: "Breathe in, Breathe out, Move ON." perfect. i did my best to follow the advice. sometimes, you get inspired in the most random places. for me, it was on a drunk guy at a bar. who knew? so, why did i read my emails? it totally changed the tone of my vacation and i was miserable for the rest of the trip. dinner that night was nice, we were serenaded by the waitstaff singing and dancing to "O Sole Mio." lots of pictures were taken, including a very unflatting one of me. thank you, i will be going to my WW meeting tomorrow night. message received. i am OK with how i look when i stand in front of the mirror but it is becoming more and more obvious as i see pictures of me that i am unhealthy. le sigh. denial is over, time to get my shit together.

the trolls never said a word to me the entire trip. i was happy enough to defriend most of them from my Facebook page when i got back from my online hiatus. it's very clear to me that i don't have a lot in common with them in real life, and the only common denominator was we pay for Weight Watchers. i am not going to "collect" friends on my page any more, it's not a popularity contest. Facebook is a tool to maintain contact with the people that i don't see every day (but want to!) and share stuff with people in my life who want to be in my life. it's nothing personal against those people who were defriended and while i hope i didn't hurt anyone's feelings, i just don't see the point in forcing a friendship if there really is nothing there.

so... here i am. back in reality. the cruise, it was OK. i wouldn't say it was spectacular because it wasn't because i was worried about so many things that were going on at home at the same time. it was great to be away, to hang with my friends, to relax and not give a rat's ass about reality for a while, but i'm glad to be home. when the hubs picked me up at the shuttle terminal, he was standing there holding a sign with my name as if he were a hired limo driver. so stinking cute. then i came home to some gorgeous star lillies (my bridal bouquet flower) for our anniversary. he is the most special person on the planet, and while i don't see eye to eye with his friends (apparently, i'm a bitch? who knew...) all that matters is him. he IS my best friend, and he loves me no matter what i say. what can i say? i found my prince charming while working at the douche factory (yep... that's what they made at my old job... true story!).

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