Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation daze... Day 3

Last night, the head waiter approached me and asked me about my group. He asked why the other table has been in a bad mood. He pointed out to me that they seemed sad and asked me if he was doing a good enough job. I told him, very confidently, that their mood has nothing to do with him, or my group of friends, that it is just the way they are and there is nothing that can be done to fix that. He is so getting a gigantic tip from me tomorrow night.

Hey, epiphany. Nice to see you. I realized last night that no matter what, people are going to be miserable if that is how they choose see things. I have approached this vacation as an escape, to figure some things out about me and the direction I want to head in life, mainly my career. What gives me joy? Pleasing people clearly is not a strong point, nor is tolerating drama. I need to do something that is more solitary, less revolving around people.

The group of trolls, as I am now fondly referring to them, have some serious issues and they are making their own vacations miserable as a result of their negativity. I don't care. That is their issue, I have chosen not to let it affect mine.

I am sitting on the pool deck this afternoon, enjoying some sunshine, having some light and airy conversation with one of the best friends I could ever want, and it's perfect. MY perfect. Someone else may think this is boring, sitting and writing, but this gives me joy. I laugh at myself, I watch and observe what goes on around me, and people are having fun doing their own thing. It's beautiful, really.

Last night, one of the girls and I went up to the upper deck and stared at the stars and talked with a few of our other cruisers until the rain started. Like no other rain I've ever felt, I thought it was like a warm bath. But we all ran for cover and eventually split up. Two of us headed to the bar, where I continued to enjoy the shiraz and conversation. Music was very 80s, and these older women were dancing their asses off. Wayne the bartender was laughing at our looks of horror watching the debacle of the dance in front of us. He told us of a club on another floor and called his bartender friend to take care of us.

I ended up shitty faced. I probably drank the equivalent of 1-1/2 bottles by myself. I decided I want to stay up one night and just have unabandoned fun with whoever cares to join me.

Stay tuned!! Two more days!!

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  1. I was probably the person he was talking about. He told me I never smile, looked sad, etc. Oh well. I felt sort of abandoned at that table when the other ladies bailed to the 3rd table without me.