Sunday, October 17, 2010

sunday, sunday...

today has been very uneventful....

my husband and stepson left the house around 11:30 and i proceeded to take a much needed nap. the stupid cat kept waking me up all night, he was apparently cold and wanted a snuggle - there are not enough Benadryl in the world to keep me asleep when he starts that. so, the husband (rock star!) suggested getting a heated bed for Le Chat. score! had one for about $45 WITH free shipping. i look forward to a good night's sleep in 5-8 business days.

i'm starting to feel the effects of my sugar detox - i actually can feel the energy coming back. i ate very well today, didn't meet all of my precious WW healthy guidelines, but it's a process. last week, *gasp* i lost a point. who knew that one point would have so much power? i was absolutely STARVING on Friday after losing that one. i have a lot of points to lose... read: a lot of pounds to lose. when all is said and done, if i get to a healthy weight i will be about 90 pounds lighter than i was when i started this again.

i really hate that i have to do this again, but after seeing a friend (who I met through WW) yesterday, i realized it CAN be done and you CAN live a healthy life without deprivation or gaining it all back. she basically rocks my world, anyway. beautiful, intelligent, sweet, caring, and has this uncanny knack to kick me in the ass when i need it without leaving a bruise.

on the agenda for tomorrow: start cleaning out the garage (what a way to spend the first day of vacation - we're too sexy for our own good), and either dreadmilling an hour away or walking somewhere to enjoy the fall foliage. i sound like a tourist, but autumn is my absolute favorite month - and it has nothing to do with my birthday and EVERYTHING to do with Halloween.

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