Monday, January 16, 2012

i am Kristin. hear me ROAR!!!

Two months into my JC experience and i am 16 pounds down!

I have been feeling bad about not feeling that "it" feeling about losing weight, you know... that glowy, honeymoonie, energetic weight loss feeling. i haven't had that yet. it's been really discouraging, and i thought for sure that this wasn't working.

it. is. freakin. working!

NOT a lot of weight loss for people to start noticing it, but the numbers don't lie. my size 16 jeans are more comfortable and don't make it hard to sit down after i eat... my sweaters don't make me feel like i'm an elephant trying to wear a giraffe suit... i just feel better about how i look.

i still have such a long way to go, but i'm determined to get there. and when i do... i'm staying. this feels too good to want to leave and go back to the tired, unhealthy, wanting to hide in my shell, angry bitch that i have been for the past... oh, four years.

i still haven't found the old me hiding under all these layers of flab, but i'm starting to see evidence that she's in there somewhere. i'm going to find her and give her a hug for sticking by me even when i have been intolerable.

tomorrow - i start phase 2. EXERCISE. gulp. i am afraid of doing it, because i'm afraid of frustration - but i'm going to approach it the same way that i have been approaching my experience with Jenny. i'm just going to do it. eventually, i will feel the rewards.

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